A variety of furniture for the interior we’ve made, with a variety of interesting designs that can make your room more effective and comfortable, with the quality of the furniture that has been tested and passed the strength test


Furniture is made of very strong material and is weather-resistant, with very elegant models, so it is very comfortable to use and can decorate your outdoor area.


As a complement to the room that will make your room beautiful, we also make a variety of crafts such as shade lamps, wall decorations, vases, mirrors, and others.

custom furniture

rattan, wood, Iron

We have a lot of clients in several countries asking for custom furniture. The furniture we make is very precise, conforms to the requested design, uses quality production raw materials, and has very strong durability.

H.M. Didi Supriyadi, CEO

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more detailed information about the products we make or if you want to make furniture with your own design.



We always share the documentation of all Lentera Ciper Design activities in the video that we play below.